Or fears

Or fears At you hands will often fall and you will simply sit down and will burst into tears.

Or fears can torment you.

It seems to one woman that her child is seriously sick, another considers that she was stopped loving by the husband, and the third in despair as it seems to it that it grew ugly.

In some days after the birth of the child or in some weeks there can come the depression feeling of oppression, depression.

Most often the depression develops when you come back home from maternity hospital where full leaving was provided to you, and now all care of the newborn and of economy entirely lays down on you.

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At many children

At many children What most common cause of spasms aged from year till years.

This sharp temperature increase at cold, quinsy and flu.

When temperature too quickly rises, it irritates nervous system.

At many children at early age at high temperature the shiver which not always reaches spasms begins.

If at the child of or years spasms at high temperature begin, it not necessarily means that he is seriously sick; it also does not mean that spasms will repeat at it and from now on.

Spasms usually happen in the first day of high temperature and is very rare in the next days.

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His wife

His wife A family the degenerating phenomenon The greens dish is better, and at it love, than the fattened bull, and at it hatred Prit.


Mark Johnson sat down opposite to me and began to tap nervously with the wellgroomed fingers on the chair handle.

It made impression of very wealthy person.

Its appearance and manners were faultless.

His wife Brenda, the brilliant beauty, too seemed uneasy.

Forgive that I keep you waiting, I told, having stopped looking through their card.

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The correct

The correct You want to cultivate respect for other people and for authority on the children?

Means, they have to learn to behave correctly at emergence of the conflict both at early age, and in adult life when problems and delicate issues have to be resolved independently.

The correct education the only way to help the child to control the anger.

Your ability to cope with anger will serve for it as an example which he will follow further.

In society or on television we, unfortunately, will not see examples of mature expression of anger.

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At good

At good Let does not frighten you if the child has a big fontanel.

It simply will be closed later.

At some children fontanels are closed in months; as a rule, they grow in months, occasionally only in years.

At good lighting it is visible as the fontanel pulses in beat heartbeats.

Mothers excessively are afraid to injure a fontanel: it is protected strong as tarpaulin, a film and it is practically impossible to damage it.

Clothes, fresh air and sun How to dress the child at the room temperature.

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Priest and other

Priest and other Z.

Esli my child constantly has questions concerning sex.

If my child often falls into a fidget.

If my child spends too much time with the friends who are not pleasant to me, I will ask for the help to.

Most of respondents agreed that they would ask for the help, and sources of this help were given by them in the following order: Relatives.

Friends and neighbors.

Priest and other priests.


Teacher or school psychologist.

A telephone hotline or establishment on social problems.

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He jokes

He jokes The one who speaks about a suicide, makes a suicide.

From ten teenagers attempting upon the life seven shared the plans.

Therefore most of teenagers who speak about a suicide, do not joke.

Nevertheless at us it is accepted to wave away from them.

He jokes we speak or we think.

She pretends or: He tells it to draw to itselfhimself attention!

Do not risk life of the friend: time he exorcized about suicide, so it seriously.

Important information No.

Suicide it not simply a way to attract attention.

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  • It is clear that extremely difficultly to find time from our loaded operating schedules.But if all of you make it, you will be rewarded wholly because there is nothing more perfectly, than to see the teenager happy, know that he in safety that he is able to get on with contemporaries and adults that he well studies and behaves well.But all this does not come by itself, parents have to pay for it.We should allocate time to stay alone with each of our children.I know how it is difficult to distribute time correctly.
  • Mental development Hearing.On a familiar voice of mother at once turns even if is on the opposite side of the room.Small motility and game.Test game The child is in a prone position on a stomach.You close his head a diaper.Not to frighten the child, talk to him thus, suggest to take off a diaper.The child, remaining in situation on a stomach, it can be exempted from the diaper disturbing to it by the hands.Gradually capture of a toy matures.
  • Or to put in a body of the toy truck of the favourite bear cub and to bring it, say, to kitchen.Thus, in game the plot subject game develops.In subject game the child easily replaces real object with another or in general assumes existence of the absent subject.So, the kid carries a cube instead of the machine, imitating thus a motor sound, feeds mother with nonexistent porridge etc.Accompanies independent game actions with emotionally expressive statements, a mimicry.Has emotional satisfaction from actions with toys.
  • What was the reason of sense of guilt, it becomes much more difficult for parents to bring up the child.Parents demand from it and too much from themselves too little it is, as a rule, about mother because she is generally occupied with education of the child, but the same concerns to the father.Often mother tries to keep patience and complacency when it ran low for a long time, and the child behaves everything worse and worse and needs strict influence, or mother hesitates when hardness is necessary.
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