Puppies, for example, have

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Puppies, for example, have If the child is irritated by lying in a bed after a lunch, he probably more willingly will simply stay at home for an hour or two, silently playing or helping mother with homework or care of the newborn.

Appetite problem As it begins.

Why many children badly eat?

As a rule, because their parents in every way try to force them to eat well.

Puppies, for example, have no appetite problem.

There is no it and at children in those countries where mothers do not know rules of food and therefore do not worry.

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Also communication

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Also communication Unlike sight, training of hearing is useful and is welcomed on the first month of life.

For development of acoustical and speech perception of a toy of the child have to be sounding.

Also communication with the child is of great importance.

In the course of leaving talk to the little man from the very first days of his life: comment on the actions, call things.

For example, at change of pampers it is possible to tell: And now we will remove pampers.

It already dirty.

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They use bible

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They use bible They seek to use the belief as a penalty against others, under cover of help.

They use bible precepts and knowledge from the Bible to justify the cruel behavior and absence of love.

They also seek to become the spiritual judges dictating rules of decency for others.

Certainly, any child eventually can find the way to the loving embraces of God opened for it when it is ready to accept his love.

God can do everything.

Unfortunately, chances of the child sharply decrease if parents did not provide him the love base.

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You should

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You should Let the child will drink so much, how many wants.

Then wait days that mammary glands got used to change, and replace feeding at ten o'clock of morning.

Thus, you times a day will already feed the child from a pacifier.

Then in days replace feeding at o'clock in the afternoon.

There will be two chest feedings.

You should replace them with a break in days.

If in a breast too much milk to you accumulates it will be sick, apply the child to a breast for seconds even if feeding time did not approach yet.

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The first

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The first Increase feeding duration gradually.

It is necessary not to damage a pacifier.

The first three days hold the child at a breast only for minutes, for the fourth day minutes, on the fifth minutes, in the following some days for minutes.

If in days to nipples it happens nothing, you can hold the child at a breast so much, how many for him it is necessary and how many to you it is convenient about preparation of nipples for feeding see section .

Duration of feeding will be every time different.

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You could, mother

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You could, mother Without having found in the refrigerator for itself anything interesting, it sharply slammed a door.

You could, mother to try that in the refrigerator though something was, it grumbled and went to the room, having stumbled at the road about cubes of the younger brother.

He right there cried: Bobbie, now clean the toys!

You should pour!

I could break to myself a leg!

Well, Gerry, will be enough, mother told him, I see that you are for some reason angry, but hardly due to the lack of food in the refrigerator and Bobbie's toys.

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