Eyes pieces

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Eyes pieces The Snowman took the necessary toys and brought to Father Frost the forgotten gifts.

In the morning children found Father Frost's gifts.

And when vyshkl on walk, saw a snowman.

Snowman not small, and.

the big.

It not angry, and.

the kind.

Bucket at it on the head not full, and.

the empty.

It not heavy, and.


Nose carrot at a snowman not short, and.

the long.

Eyes pieces of coal at it are not closed, and.

are open.

To meeting with children he does not become angry, and.

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Suggest the child

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Suggest the child Equipment: figures of characters of the fairy tale from desktop puppet theater; the subject picture see an insert; subject pictures see an insert, fig.

, , , , ; cards for global reading in duplicate with words: grandfather, woman, Kolobok, hare, wolf, bear, fox see the Appendix.

Occupation course Organizational moment.

Suggest the child to consider the color subject picture.

Ask to find on it and to show a lodge, a window, a path, a fence, penek, the wood.

Joint telling of the fairy tale with a support on subject pictures.

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Therefore It has problems with study, why he is always angry and is constantly irritated.

Reasons of his anger two: first, the child becomes angry because that cannot understand material, and, secondly, on it parents who think press that he is not able to cope with lessons because of laziness or something else something like that.

Therefore it has a feeling that nobody loves it and does not understand; it causes in it still bigger anger and deeper depression.

It lags behind the contemporaries and, eventually, falls into a condition of extreme depression.

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But I have

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But I have But I have to trust in myself and try to come nearer to the fine purpose of unconditional love.

Thus I constantly remind myself that: these are ordinary children, they behave, as all children on light, and in childish tricks is much unpleasant and even opposite, if I try to carry out properly the role of the parent and to love children, despite their pranks and tricks, they will try to mature and refuse the bad habits, if I love them only when they are obedient and please me with the behavior the caused love and if I express the love to them only in these good alas, rare!

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Recently It simply means that some advantages that being the professional are had, can easily pick up an example for an illustration.

Recently I came back home after the long wearisome working day, tired and tortured by troubles.

I hardly got out of the car, so I was izmochalen.

And here my yearold son David ran up to me.

Usually he with the shining smile throws the arms round me a neck and hangs as a bear cub on a tree.

This time he was beside himself and slowly approached with the sad sad person, looked at me sad wonderful blue eyes and told: The father, I should tell you something.

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As for the statement

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As for the statement As for music, has to disappoint her fans.

At this age it for the child simply noise.

Elements of her perception appear later watch the stage months.

As for the statement of that it is useful for child to listen to music till the birth, it is not subject to comments at all.

Here to future mother yes, can be, and it is useful or maybe it is harmful.

It depends on how mother is influenced by this music, and already through health of mother and on the child.

About , months the child begins active actions with a toy he not only considers it, but also directs to it the hands and starts it concerning.

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  • It is clear that extremely difficultly to find time from our loaded operating schedules.But if all of you make it, you will be rewarded wholly because there is nothing more perfectly, than to see the teenager happy, know that he in safety that he is able to get on with contemporaries and adults that he well studies and behaves well.But all this does not come by itself, parents have to pay for it.We should allocate time to stay alone with each of our children.I know how it is difficult to distribute time correctly.
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