I specially

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I specially If in one of days it very much is tired and will ask to feed it, give it some spoons with a scattered look, and then tell it that it, probably, is simply not hungry.

I specially stop on this situation as very well I know that mother who within very many months or years worried about food of the child, too long fed him from a spoon and, at last, allowed it to do it most, tests a huge temptation again to feed him as soon as at it appetite temporarily is gone or he will get sick.

And then everything should be started anew.

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On what basis? He claimed

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On what basis? He claimed If we do not do it, we accuse others.

I just read about a classical case of such charge.

One dentist stuck to the patients and as a result lost the license.

What was its reaction?

It initiated proceedings against the insurance company, demanding payment of compensation for disability of about one million dollars.

On what basis?

He claimed that his behavior became result of a sincere illness.

Time came to tell about the honesty shown by the general Eisenhower during World War II.

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In the last

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In the last The number of suicides among teenagers so strongly increased that it became now the reason of mortality of aged people, the second for importance, from to years.

In the last some years the level of teenage crime, children's pregnancy, drug addiction and infection with diseases, sexually transmitted, incredibly increased.

The feeling of despair everything seizes hearts more strongly.

In what business?

Unpreparedness of parents is the reason of such situation, they have no clear idea how it is necessary to treat the teenagers.

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But once

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But once For example, I noticed wonderful change in David when the boy was at younger teenage age.

Instead of instant rough reaction to something, he learned to use the cogitative device.

At early teenage age David, sometimes, flew into a rage, playing baseball if other player did something, forbidden by rules, especially when it caused it physical pain.

But once in the summer evening I noted a certain progress.

There was a game of Younger league, and David ran to the platform when one of players caught the ball served because of field limits and was ready to concern this ball of David and to sideline him thus.

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The developing

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The developing The developing to develop visual and acoustical attention ability to consider illustrations, to learn an outline drawing of heroes of the fairy tale; ability to listen attentively to the speech of the adult.

Equipment: the subject picture see an insert; color images of heroes of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

, , , , ; outline drawings of characters of the fairy tale see page ; figures of characters of the fairy tale the grandfather, the woman, Kolobok, a hare, a wolf, a fox, a bear from desktop puppet theater.

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On the other

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On the other We despair when something in our life goes not so well as before, without noticing that something good nevertheless remained.

We forget about the benefits granted to us.

I saw how people fell into despair because of absolute trifles.

On the other hand, sometimes so insignificant things as the new car or new clothes, cause in us the whole storm of positive emotions.

How we can be surprised, what our youth so easily gets under influence of rock groups and sects, a kogdana ourselves the television and various societies with their specific interests also strongly influence?

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  • It is clear that extremely difficultly to find time from our loaded operating schedules.But if all of you make it, you will be rewarded wholly because there is nothing more perfectly, than to see the teenager happy, know that he in safety that he is able to get on with contemporaries and adults that he well studies and behaves well.But all this does not come by itself, parents have to pay for it.We should allocate time to stay alone with each of our children.I know how it is difficult to distribute time correctly.
  • Mental development Hearing.On a familiar voice of mother at once turns even if is on the opposite side of the room.Small motility and game.Test game The child is in a prone position on a stomach.You close his head a diaper.Not to frighten the child, talk to him thus, suggest to take off a diaper.The child, remaining in situation on a stomach, it can be exempted from the diaper disturbing to it by the hands.Gradually capture of a toy matures.
  • Or to put in a body of the toy truck of the favourite bear cub and to bring it, say, to kitchen.Thus, in game the plot subject game develops.In subject game the child easily replaces real object with another or in general assumes existence of the absent subject.So, the kid carries a cube instead of the machine, imitating thus a motor sound, feeds mother with nonexistent porridge etc.Accompanies independent game actions with emotionally expressive statements, a mimicry.Has emotional satisfaction from actions with toys.
  • What was the reason of sense of guilt, it becomes much more difficult for parents to bring up the child.Parents demand from it and too much from themselves too little it is, as a rule, about mother because she is generally occupied with education of the child, but the same concerns to the father.Often mother tries to keep patience and complacency when it ran low for a long time, and the child behaves everything worse and worse and needs strict influence, or mother hesitates when hardness is necessary.
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